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DSF is a sub-distributor of OneOcean, which is the largest distributor of nautical charts, maritime technical publications, navigation data and digital products in the world.

Our company seeks to support this market by storing and distributing navigation data, including nautical charts, maritime technical publications, digital products and update services. The main objective is to ensure that navigation safety standards are maintained by our customers' vessels.

We offer the following solutions:

  • Paper Nautical Charts : English (BA), American (NOAA), Canadian, Japanese, Australian, Uruguayan, Argentinian, Indian and Brazilian (DHN).
  • Paper Publications : Admiralty, IMO, ITU, ICS, OCMIF, GPO, CFRs, HMSO & Witherby, Light Lists, Tide & Current Tables, Radio Navigation Aids, Brown, Son & Ferguson, Coast Pilots & Sailing Directions.
  • Electronic Navigation Charts (ENCs) : Electronic Navigation Charts (ENCs) are digital vector charts produced to International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) standards.

DSF is an authorized sub-distributor of ENCs from the following suppliers:

ADMIRALTY Vector Chart Service (AVCS); C-MAP; PRIMARY; sex

  • Digital Products: DSF provides a wide range of digital products to ease the transition from paper to digital navigation. This includes Admiralty Digital Publications, E-Books and Regs4Ships (Updated IMO, ILO, EU Publications Annual Subscription).
  • Passage Manager (Software): This software is designed to facilitate the management of a data library that may consist of paper charts and electronic products, serving as a bridge to ECDIS equipment.
  • Traditional methods of updating ENC data are performed today via CDs or DVDs, which means that a ship can never be truly up to date. This program allows updates to be downloaded individually by unit or by “folios”, ensuring that ships have access to any new units or new editions as soon as notification has been received. In this way data transfer costs are minimized.
  • Inventory Management Service (OMS): Through this service, DSF maintains a list of necessary charts and publications for the pre-established routes by the vessel. This list forms the basis for the operation of this service and determines which new edits and correction data are sent to the ship.
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